Why We Don’t Have A Riot Fest Lineup

All spring I've been tempted by the devil for dozens of small festivals that would also include road trips. Real enticing. Against all odds, and for no real reason, I've stayed loyal to Riot Fest. But here we are, almost in May, with no line up. It's unacceptable behavior you'd expect from a regular corporation. [...]

Barbecue Breakdown

Barbecue Breakdown First off I’m not Bobby Flay (“Yo grill master!”) but I know a thing or two about working a grill. So this post is partially inspired by the song Real Talk by R Kelly, the rest is love of the game. I love barbecue as I’m sure many of you do, so this [...]

This Weekend, Only On PPV.

Here we fucking go. Just when we thought politics couldn't be any more heated, we are on the eve of a street fight in front of the White House. Uncle Joe has called out Donny, and I'm here for all of it. Now I don't care if you're on the Right or the Left, if [...]

I have Decided to Re-Enlist.

That's right I'm going to do it. Except there's a catch, it's not with the Navy. That's right I'm going to be a part of the first wave of soldiers fighting in the final frontier, space. Our President has already decided we are going to be the first country to arm the cold vacuum we [...]