Deli Debate

My name is Riley I am a self proclaimed chef and a food enthusiast, sandwiches being my main specialty. I’m no Guy Fieri but I know a damn good sandwich when I see one. I figured I would start this segment with a classic sandwich, The Italian Sub, and a good old fashion deli throw [...]

Saving Classic Rock Radio

This might be odd coming from a guy who subscribes to multiple music streaming apps, but I love some good old fashioned FM radio (from time to time). Growing up, that's what you listened to in the car. It was the best you had, besides maybe a sleeve of CDs. But today with music streaming, [...]


Age is defined thru distance and demise. The rise of resistance is ridiculed over a span of time known as life; On one end, the proof is laid out like paper over plastic. Simple. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, the fate of fury is determined by decision. Decisions dictate the rise & [...]