The Morning After Spiel: Ray Romano is Sick


Ray, can I call you Ray, just go ahead and retire. Absolute blow away performance in “The Big Sick”. 

Last night my eyes were blessed with a beautiful, bearded Ray playing the role of an all time great movie dad. No spoilers here, but with a little back ground, The Big Sick is marketed as the break out romcom to end the summer. Let me tell you it’s a little bit better than that. Basically this Pakistani dude is super close to becoming a big comedian but he falls in love with a grad student who gets sick. 

I don’t want to take away from the plot or the social significance of the pro interracial message, but my mans Ray killed it. D E D, dead. First thing first, top notch beard. A good beard automatically makes you more likeable. Ray’s character also shows great growth, which is symbolic of his growth as an actor. Now I’m not saying it’s too late in the game for Ray to make a come back, but I haven’t liked him this much since he almost fought Eminem in Funny People. All I’m saying is go the Peyton Manning route and retire on the Super Bowl win Ray. 

My final word on The Big Sick is go see it. Worth the ten dollars no doubt. I know it’s marketed as a date movie, but it is funny enough to see with your boys. Or be a nice good guy and take your mother to a matinee. 

I got you, 

Sean “Ed Gourne” Thompson

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