The Road to Riot Fest: Day One Decisions, How to Get 1/2 Priced Pizza And After Hours at The Owl.

Can you smell the denim in the air? We are just over three weeks from Riot Fest 2K17 and I’m through the roof. The day by day schedules have been out for a while, and as per tradition, people are pissed. There is a little bit of painful over laps and some scheduling that forces you to make HARD choices. No one wants to make those choices, but don’t worry we got you, here’s a cheat sheet from us here at IGOTWHATYOUNEED. Our list probably stinks, so feel free to debate.

I’ll be coming into the first day real fresh and ready to rock, so I be up and early to catch Skating Polly. Solid sister band from Oklahoma that I am excited to see, huge fan of the non corny family band. Nothing sounds better than starting off with a fun band with a SOLID female singer. Plus they rock a basitar, hybrid instruments are dope. So wake up early, you know its the only day you’re physically going to be able to do it for, and thank me later.

From about 1-3 I suggest bouncing around. Nothing personal, but no one is really pulling on me too hard in any of those slots. For me it’s going to be a game time decision. The flip side of that is, it is the perfect time to find a band that you had no idea you liked, which is half the fun of festivals. Also It would behouve of you to pick up a pair of $5 sun glasses at this point, major key. Go ahead big baller, ball out.

Okay at about 3:15 you’re going to want to start hitting the food stands, drop a solid $30 on food. Don’t eat right away though. Take that feast and get nice and close for Action Bronson. When you’re at the Rise Stage listening to some of the best food influenced rhymes of all time with a whole platter you might just get pulled up on stage. Seriously this should be a good one, and even though this is just when the first day starts cooking, I think investing your time with Action is the smart move.

I have been bumping You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine for like six years so no matter how weighed down I am from feasting at Action, I’ll be sprinting to see Death From Above at the Roots stage. Then only to sprint back to the Rise stage for Dirty Heads. You have to mix in some Ragge, last year my douse came from Marley, now I’m turning to Dirty Heads to fill my prescription.

For the final leg of my night I guess I’m going to have to be true to Riot Fest and get my Pop Punk on with Mayday Parade. It’s obvious that not only is Mayday Parade going to bring the heat, but it should be a great crowd to match. If we are lucky we might even see some tears, I can’t wait. Ending the night with Nine Inch Nails is a fitting award for surviving the (insert either terrible heat or rain soaked fields). If you don’t know NIN by now then I can’t helllllpp you. With a rock solid catalog and some fresh material I’m predicting a well produced show case with some crazy lights that will bring us all closer to God.

Now as promised the two secrets to making the first night a great night. First and foremost, how to get basically free pizza. Towards the very end of the night Baccis is going to be scrambling to get rid of the rest of their pizza. The trick is to look half way between the last stage and the food vendors, if you do you’ll find most likely a greasy teenager doing two, maybe even three slices for $5. Now these are not your mother’s pizza slices, Baccis is basically giving you a quarter of a pizza with each slice. It’s a sweet deal, and Morrissey isn’t here this year to force us all to eat cheese.

Now if you missed the cut for an after hours show, have no fear IGOTWHATYOUNEED is here. After a long day of rocking and drinking beer, why not treat ya’self? I’m telling you the move for after the fest is The Owl, Chicago’s favorite 4am bar. Get in the uber and go enjoy some cocktails like you deserve. I’m 2 for 2 with going to The Owl. I’m willing to bet if you read some IGWYN articles you could step up your conversation game. Good conversation, plus even better cocktails is a guarantee to getting some tail. That’s right, we are promising tail if you go to The Owl after Riot Fest, quote me.

PSA: Shout out to every one on Fridays line up, I know basically nothing I’m just an excited dude.

PSA: PSAs are not very punk rock.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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