Plz allow me to introduce myself

Hallo my darling delinquents,


Remember how it used to feel? That feeling of fulfillment? That feeling of focus? When one lacks to second guess, yet continues to strive towards that shiny golden treasure chest.


What happened to that feeling?


I sense futility forging his fresh scent of enigma inside a simple space where my ego used to be….


Does that mean it has disappeared?


Of course not my brother; no thought ever deems to disappear..

Instead, this notion chooses to unbuckle it’s heavy burden & sink further beneath the current surface.


These feelings haven’t changed within us; they have been overlapped throughout a periodic course of time…

Known as life.


Time being the predator. Life acting as we prey.


In order to successfully achieve life’s greatest prize, thou shalt first regain self-pride.


A potent principle us as a society should not want….





I hope to lead the readers into that direction of clarity.

My primary principle as a creative contributor to this website is simple: CHALLENGE CUSTOM IMAGERY


Each and every single human being has been given their own craft of creation. FACT.


In essence, our imagination is what soley separates us for every other living organism on planet Earth. It is essential for us to recognize this simple protocol.


So while you finish the closing paragraph, I advise a hint of effortless instruction:


Reach back inside ur mind. Retrieve those seemingly distant desires. Reason with them. Defeat the doubtfulness that prolongs thy dirty past…



Than fuck that bitch right in the ass


Never underestimate the power of one’s will.


Life is a treasure of itself;

Buried or not, we must obtain a strategy to discover our inner purpose. 



ze Bad Guy



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