United Under One Sun, Or Stupidity?

We all know the moon just punked the sun. And that Trump doesn’t care about the warnings of science, but he’s some sort of super human (which kind differs on opinions). Where does that leave us normal people who took on the eclipse?

In the ER. That’s where. 

I have an inside source that told me in her ER they had 12 cases of damaged eyes from looking directly at the sun. There are 5,025 Emergency Rooms in America. That’s an estimated 60,300 people who stepped up to the challenge…

Listen to science people, no matter how bad the temptation is. Looking bare into the eclipse is like betting on McGregor, we know it’s wrong but it feels so good. 

And for everyone who said “we were all united, for a moment, under the same sun” blah blah blah. It’s stupidity that united us. And science. Being stupid and science, two of my favorite things. And when you combine those two things you get a new Jack Ass movie. So here’s to having our fingers crossed. 

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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