Morning After Spiel: Queens of the Stone Age Are Back On Their Bull Shit (HOTT Take Warning).

Chock another one up for Queens of the Stone Age. If you were worried about them losing their charm by bringing on Mark Ronson, you were wrong, so go sit in the corner.

I’m gonna put it on the line here and make a bold statement. This is gonna be a hot one but as not fake media, I have to speak my mind. This records successful use of a little bit of disco frees us from the shackles the Rolling Stones let disco put on rock. Lord how it feels good to give that “L” back to them!

My man Mark, I believe, put some fresh breath back in the band with out compromising any where. I mean this was just as solid as any of the previous seven bangers we have been given by Queens of the Stone Age. Also the same as the rest of their albums, Villains was like good coke, one bump wasn’t enough, so line that shit up on repeat and learn the lyrics for the tour and hope they hit your town towards halloween.

If I have said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’m no music expert. I’m no critic. But all I need to know that this is a SOLID album is two ears. For all the long time fans, rejoice because you should feel nice and fulfilled. And if you’re a new fan, God bless ya, you just opened up like two decades of great music.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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