The Joel Osteen Fact You’re Missing. 

Right now the only thing getting rained down on hard than Huston is Joel Olsteen. People are bewildered that JJ Watt, just a good old fashioned Midwest guy, is doing more for a city than a man who built a faith community and made a fortune in it. 

Here is what you are missing. Every single one of Joel’s self written faith books acts as a flotation device (see the pamphlet in the back of your seat). So if you have been loyal and bought all his novels and such, you and your kin folk should be floating right down to his castle, that the book sales and Sunday collections paid for, for the Cook out of the year!

But forreal this guy is finished. People everyday open their eyes to this kind of lunacy. They know who the real pillars of the community are. Hopefully he comes to his senses and gives some much needed help. Until then do the 2017 thing and destroy his social media. And give to the Red Cross if you can.

No fact checks*

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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