Things are Looking Very, Very, Very, Very, VeryVeryVery Good!

We are just about 3/4 done with a ROUGH year. But this week has shown, we gon’ be alright!

Football is back! Not the most important swing in our luck, but it just feels so good. I’ve been blasting my brain all day with college ball. And with NFL and fantasy starting next week I can barely contain my self. 

JJ Watt came to Texas’s rescue! I’m not gonna put a number here because it seems to go up a few million everyday, but this man has brought in some well needed dough to help all the people effected by the hurricane. The bright side isn’t exactly millionaires opening up their wallets, but seeing Americans come together, sacrifice and survive. Like Jackie Moon once said, it’s a classic case of “everybody love everybody”. I’ll leave it at that before I start crying. 

And that’s right, Ric Flair is still alive! I’m not gonna lie it was not looking good for the nature boy. But how big of an idiot can I be? I should have know that Ric is going to out live me. Give it a month before we get a full on onslaught from Ric. I CANNOT wait. 

Football, Ric Flair and Unity? America might actually be becoming Great. 

I Got You, 

Sean Thompson

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