Halting Hurricanes: A Realistic Approach To A Real Problem. 

Since “Katrina”, we all have learned that during late August and early September we are going to get slammed hard. 

Why is this happening? Is it climate change? Is it Dave kissing Steve? Is it revenge that we still don’t have a Aquaman movie? That I don’t know. But what I do know is it all seems to start in around the same spot of the ocean. 

So look I’m a solution guy. You never bring up a problem unless you follow it with a solution. So here we go. 

Nicholas Cage and Brendan Fraser are my solution. Two guys, that I thought for a long time were the same person, whose careers have overstayed their welcomes. Honestly these guys some how kept the embers going, especially Brendan, after repeated bombs. It’s really inspiring and amazing what they have done. So we send Americas two greatest action stars into that little red zone where all the hurricanes are being birthed. 

Now I know what you’re saying, “they’re only movie stars”. Well I live in a fantasy world where Cage has a whole cabinet of Ben Franklin gadgets and Brendan has fought dinosaurs underground. And like I’ve said before, they are SURVIVORS. 

I mean let’s take a chance, grab a few scientists and our heros, throw them on a boat and see what happens. You never know. What if there is something else out there? Something evil? And if I’m right and everything goes to hell with no sign of hope, then there’s only two people we could possibly send as back up. 

I Got You, 

Sean Thompson


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