Bulking Szn Part 1: We Got The Experts In On How To Maximize Your Gains

Beach Szn is officially over with the arrival of Pumpkin Spice and Halloween Candy at the store. Now that can only mean two thing, the department stores are prepping their Christmas decorations, and its time for some gains. Here at IGOTWHATYOUNEED, we are 100% body positive, sex positive, every thing really (we love freedom). That being said, we got what you need to be a bigger, stronger, faster you. Now you could just go to sites like bodybuilding.com and get blasted with supplement sale ads, or, you could get the scoop from our fittest friends. So without further ado, here is the IGOTWHATYOUNEED guide to Bulking Szn!

The first person I sat down with is one of the most motivated fitness guys I know, Aidan Durcan. Aidan is the son of Irish immigrants who defines gym rat, with out enforcing all the negative stigmas, and at the age of 17 taught himself to speak Polish. The first thing I asked Aidan about was something that gets over looked more than you think, nutrition.

Aidan Durcan local Chicago fitness expert and body builder.

Me- “So obviously to put on weight, bulk up, you need to jack up your daily calories. Eating all that food can be hard, so what are some foods that really give you the bang for your buck as far as calories go?”

Aidan- “Well first off, what is absolutely key is, you shouldn’t jump right away into an extremely caloric/card diet. The best way is to slowly increase calorie and carb intake to make progress and avoid plateauing. A good way to start is do four meals a day. Start with 1/4 of rice or oats added to every meal. Your clean carbs will shoot up by 100G a day without seeing to crazy of a difference in meals. This is slowly going to give you progress. After a month, replace a rice meal with pasta, and replace a chicken meal with an extra red meat meal. Then in another month, add a cheat meal (you know what that is. all the food we actually like to eat is cheat food) every other day. This is a gradual thing, its going to take time, but you are going to see results. You’re going to grown A LOT cleaner. Now two big mistakes people make is going humongous with their meals of the bat, and leaving out post work out nutrition (we will get to that later). Now as far as your sweet tooth goes, a little chocolate or sweet immediately after your work out can spike you insulin level and help absorb protein better because of the sweets fast digesting carbs.”

So there is that old saying, for people trying to bulk up, ‘Cardio Kills’. Is that a rule written in blood, or is there a balance to look for?”

“So you have to find out what kind of gainer you are. Most the time people complain about not putting on weight I ask them what they usually eat, and they say ‘PB&J with some crackers’. So you have to have the nutrition down, and you have to know your metabolism. I have a fast metabolism and my workouts are high intensity already, but i still do a little cardio while bulking to stay in shape. Because no one wants to bulk forever. At some point you’re going to want to lean out and see your results, so you want to keep up some cardio so you don’t just get fat and have a brutal cut.”

“During that stretch between Thanksgiving to New Years Eve, there is a lot going on. Between dinners, parties and eggnog, you can get caught in a slump fairly easy. What is you advice on staying motivated and under the iron, with so much pulling you away?”

“That is my kryptonite Seany, hahaha, I haven’t figured that out. I guess you just have to find a balance. Since you’re bulking you don’t have to worry about eating more, but you have to try and limit your drinking and partying down to like two times a week. You have to take care of business before the fun starts. Once you get a rhythm and start seeing gains you’ll be motivated to continue, so try and get your self in a good routine now and it will be easier to stay on track when you hit that stretch.”

For more on fitness, nutrition and life, follow Aidan on twitter @Thedoooode


The second man I got with to help break down Bulking Szn is Matt Nunez, an expert on dietary supplements and looking better than you. Luckily, Matt agreed to share some of his know how on supplementing what you just can’t get from food and talked about the ultimate gym taboo, the gym selfie.

Matt Nunez
Matt Nunez, Chicago native and fitness guru.

“Being and insider on the sup market, what are the essentials for someone looking to put on weight this Bulking Szn?”

“So protein (amino acids), multivitamins, omegas and probiotics. The bare bone essentials for anyone starting out would be protein powders to ensure you’re getting a convenient form of protein and post work out recovery. To ensure you’re filling in the nutritional gaps that foods don’t provide for you, or from foods you aren’t eating, you should be taking Multivitamins and Omegas, which is what’s in fish. This is going to support overall health, also, such as heart, brain, skin, eye and joint health. The last one would be probiotics, for digestive and immune system support, which a lot of people underestimate the importance of.”

Something everyone is guilty of is the taboo’ed ‘Gym Selfie’. Obviously you’re going to want to snap a pic after you read this and start looking good, and the best time to do that is while you have good pump going at the gym. So what are the Dos and Don’ts of ‘Gym Selfies’?”

“As far as gym selfies, Dos would be to ensure aha no one is around or staring at you down it, haha. Also you wanna try your best to get good lighting, thats going to show the gains and cuts you’ve acquiredDefinitely don’t do them in the middle of the gym, don’t do them with a crowd of people or cause a scene. And don’t make a douchie face, subtle facial expressions are probably the best in my opinion, haha. Being a girl taking a selfie is probably nice, looks more natural.”

What is it that helps keep you motivated during that terrifying stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve?”

“To stay motivated during the holiday stretch that is coming up, you have to do everything in moderation and not drive yourself crazy. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle is exactly that. It should be a lifestyle and not a fad. If you care, if you have fitness goals and aspirations then it should be easy to wake up every day and know that you have things to get done and know there are things you have to avoid in order to reach your goals. I like to make sure I don’t ruin my fitness goals on days like Thanksgiving and Christmas by eating really well leading up to those days, and using those days as my cheat days. It all evens out and those days don’t end up destroying what I’ve worked hard for. So, if you want something bad enough, such as being ripped or jacked, then a few holidays should almost just be like regular days to you, as long as you treat the days leading up to and surrounding them as important and stay dedicated. But never skip those delicious meals on holidays, they don’t come around too often, haha.”

To get more from Matt you can like him on Instagram mattnunezzz or follow him on twitter @nunezz02

Thats it for Part 1 of Bulking Szn. Check Aidan and Matt out on social media. Stay tuned for Bulking Szn Part 2 where we break down weight lifting and possibly give you some bonus workout playlist.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson


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