The Road To Riot Fest: Day 3 Marathon, Getting Out of Bed and Fashion Statements.

Riot Fest is this week! This is wild we are actually here. Day three is full of rough choices, but we got what you need. It’s my pleasure to bring to you, the HIGHLY anticipated, third installment of The Road To Riot Fest.

Day Three is the biggest day to see bands I don’t know. Honestly, planning things out too much is not Punk Rock. Here is the dilemma though, around 6pm the line up gets heavy. You got TV on the Radio, Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, Gwar, M.I.A. and Prophets of Rage going on between 6 and 7:45. So honestly you have two real options. First, since the stages are set up a little better this year, you can pick three and run a marathon around Douglas Park. Second option, park your ass real close to the stage and get soaked in blood by Gwar, something everyone should do at least once in their lives. As far as Paramore, Andrew W.K. and the reunited Jawbreaker goes, well thats a winwinwin. A few years back I may have got into a twitter fight with Andrew W.K., now I don’t hold grudges, but I might have to miss his show. Honestly I’m just gonna get fake happy with Paramore and catch the end of Jawbreaker. Only time will tell if this is the right choice.

Let’s be real with ourselves here, after Friday and Saturday, you are going to be banged up. Between boozing, head banging, moshing and singing your heart out, it may be hard getting out of bed. I got what you need to power through the last day. I call it “Triple Ps”, and its guaranteed. The first “P” is for Pedialyte. This stuff hydrates you on a different level. It makes Coconut Water feel like drinking sand. The second “P” is prayers to Lemme. The man embodied what all it means to be Metal, Punk and Hip-Hop, so ask for his grace and hope he blesses you. The last “P” is for processed meats. Fill yourself with some good hot grease to flush out the Tecate in your system and get back on your feet for one more day of insanity.

I LOVE all the denim, gauges, mohawks, liberty spikes, piercings and ink of Riot Fest. And the people who really go the extra mile and go almost Comicon with it are DOPE. For the rest of us though, it comes down to a T-shirt war. I spend my time transiting between stages searching for some one in the same shirt as me just to take a picture or share a beer. Now full disclosure, you do not want to ask the guy with the pig for a picture. Look for our favorite shirts from Riot Fest when we do our IGOTWHATYOUNEED Riot Fest Wrap up, and maybe find a picture of you and your friends.


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