Is Britain Coming Back For Round 2?

It’s pretty apparent that our older brother across the pound is not happy with us. Why you ask? Well since some knuckle head on the internet decided to photo shop our President’s face over their Queens. With how unpopular Preaident Trump is, there’s no surprise they have they’re nickers in a bunch. 

But have no fear, because in their current state, Jim “The Rocket Man” Kong is WAY more of a threat. BBC reports that they have been getting insane amounts of people, young and old, being treated at the ER from NERF GUNS. Nerf guns, for real. This means that this next generation of Royal soldiers is going to be SOFT. In America we not only shoot point blank with nerf guns, but also eat 100psi from super soakers, and no one is going to the ER. When you factor in that kids over there aren’t gonna grow up playing with toy guns, and that all the tough brits end up as soccer hooligans, that leaves their recruiting pool slim. As long as we keep pumping out sourtheners that shoot ARs at the age of five, and beefed up kids with NFL dreams, we will be the pipeline for bad asses. 

So I mean I guess so ahead and keep trolling on England because we live in a world where they’re Yamcha and the US is Goku. 

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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