Wade Is Not Chicago’s Sell Out.

Look I will keep this short and sweet. Dwyane Wade came up to Chicago for what most of us believed was a way for him to end out his career in his home town. Now, incase you live under a rock, it has been announced Wade is going to go to Cleveland to reunite with LeBron James.

A lot of people are going to call him a “sell out” or say he is crawling back to BronBron, but that is garbage. Look, D-Wade came home and have some fun, we all should have seen what was coming, but he is going back to see if there is any fire left in the Duo. I respect it, let the boys eat, that’s what i say.

brian-urlacher-billboardThis is all to distract you from the real sell out. This pains me to say, and might fire you up, but Brian Urlacher sold out. The man a whole generation of kids looked up to, not just in Chicago but the WORLD, abandoned his trademark look. No I’m not talking about the classic barbwired bicep tattoo, I’m talking about the big bald white dome. If you ask me, that is where his power came from, kind of a reversed Sampson effect. There are few things more terrifying than seeing Urlacher slam another giant human onto a frozen field, take his helmet off, and see the steam pouring off his frozen chrome dome. Not only did he give up on his signature look, he blasted it in the whole city’s face. As much as it pains me to say, until he goes back to the bald man we all feared and loved, we need to bar him from the Hall of Fame.

So you guys can boycott what ever nonsense you want, I’m choosing to boycott Urlachers hair. As far as Dwade goes, thank you my guy for giving us a chance to see you play in your home town.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson


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