SOS: I Think I Lost My Man Card

This all started with my new years resolution to only kinda lie to girls. I had a lot on my conscience and that felt like the easiest one to deal with. Fine not a big deal on its on, still a dude, but it began to snowball.

MIA had more swag than anyone I’ve ever seen and oozed sex appeal.
Fast forward to mid September, the last day of Riot Fest I made a suspect choice. I left out on Prophets of Rage to see MIA. Was it 100% my choice, no. Do I accept responsibility, yes. And you know what, I don’t regret it. Great light show, great sound, and some sick moves.







Haley Williams of Paramore’s voice is the only thing that can cure the hang over you get at 10pm because you started at 9am.
That same night I fell even further down my rabbit hole and saw Paramore over Jawbreaker. Look most of you are like, “who even is Jawbreaker.” You are missing the point. You know who loves bands that you don’t know, hipster girls. And dropping that I saw Jawbreaker to a hipster lines me up pretty well. But look I made my bed and I gotta lie in it.




Broad City is only three seasons deep, but I’m already drowning.
Okay this is what is really what i think is gonna to be what makes someone revoke my man card, I am in love with Broad City. So much in fact, i’ve been staying up late to watch it. I’m a big eight hours a night guy so this is troubling. Now if you’re wondering why this is a big deal i’ll explain. It’s a girl show, with girl comedians. As a man I know girls aren’t funny, so why am I letting this fool me?




If any one has an explanation to what is happening to me i’d love to hear it. In an attempt to get back on track I will be eating wings, drinking beer, and watching The Bears tonight with the boys. Hopefully I can get myself right, otherwise I might have to defend my card with violence.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson


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