Bulking Szn Part 2: The Masters of Mass

People keep were gawking over Bulking Szn Part 1, so naturally we had to do the second installment. This time I called in some favors and got two guys who are synonymous with Chicago fitness. So take notes and get ready for all your shirts to be skin tight because I got what you need to get big!


The first man I brought in to interview makes Zach Effron look like Jonah Hill. He has been Hulk sized since the age of 14. As a teen ager he blew out his elbows only to rehab and come back even bigger, badder and bolder. The hardest working man in the country, ladies and gentleman it is my pleasure to give you our interview with Jon Froio.

Me- “Jon I wanted to thank you for doing this interview with me, I’m sure that you are constantly getting asked fitness questions so thanks  for taking the time. So jumping right in, what are some things that people may end up over looking while starting to bulk up? What are some essentials that  often get passed up?”

Jon- ” Well for newer people, they so often don’t want to build their foundational strength and size. You got that high school  mentality of throwing on a cutoff  and running in front of the mirror to do curls. If you’re just starting off this Bulking season, hit those compound lifts and attack multiple muscle groups. Stick to upper body and lower body days for the first few weeks. Now for people who’ve been in the gym before and already have that foundation, you have to make it your goal to beat your last performance. Don’t get caught in your routine just because it is a good one. You should be going to near failure every set. Every time you step in the gym you should be looking to add weight. The most overlooked aspect of weightlifting is that people don’t track their reps and weight. Thats how you see your progress and motivate yourself to keep going trying to always beat yourself.”

“What advice would you give to the person in the gym whose in great shape, but is looking to make that step into being elite? I’m talking the person who can already throw some weight around, but isn’t really shredded or can’t get his body past a certain weight?”

“The keys from going from the average to not just big, but really elite, involves what you’re doing at the gym, because showing up is only have the battle, and what you’re eating. I can break it into three top things. First, establish a routine. It is important you don’t break your routine. Now life happens, so if you miss a day, you have to make it up, never skip it. You can make a weekly schedule or split, and then change it up every 4-6 weeks. If you have a routine that has a week long split that resets every monday, and every Monday you do the same list of lifts thats fine. Your discipline is so essential here, once you start skipping days everything starts going to shit.

Second, you have to know what your doing in the gym, and then train hard as fuck. You need to train like you’re in a fight. Every set should be all out. Go to failure, and if you don’t have a partner, ask for a spot. It’s part of gym culture, people want to help you and want you to help them. You have to keep track of your reps and weight, it’s the only way to get in there and make sure you’re training harder than you did last time. As far as training to bulk, you have to get the correct volume frequency to get peak muscle growth. A good rule of thumb for getting big is 4sets, 8reps per set. If you can do more than 8reps, add weight. To get that frequency down, you have to give your muscles time to recover. You should be sore after working out, so you need close to a week for each muscle group to recover.”

The third part would be make a lifestyle out of it, and yes that does include a strict diet. I’m not saying you can’t have a social life, or you can’t go out and booze, but you have to consciously make the right choices with your diet otherwise you end up that big puffy fuck. Because remember, after bulking season the goal is to cut down and look great. Why would you listen to me on training hard and lifting heavy weights but not listen to me when I say you don’t need to get a burrito every Saturday night after Teaser’s? It all comes back to discipline: if you drink you need to be disciplined in other areas. You have to eat right and often.

All in all, the more effort you put into it, the better shape you will be in. If you don’t have the discipline, a general strategy and a fair diet, then you’re just gonna waste time and energy. I want everyone to look and feel good, so I hope you take my tips.”

“That was awesome Jon thanks. Let me ruin that with a ridiculous question (HAHA). No but for real I have a goofy question. Now we don’t judge any one at IGWYN, but we for sure joke around. Without crucifying any one, who is funnier to watch lift, the guy who moans while lifting or the guy who is constantly ripping ass? And I’m talking extremes here.”

“Wow, the farter vs the climaxer. Its a tad bit subjective, but I’d rather be the farter. However, it’s worth noting the other gym patrons would rather be around the climaxer because you can drown out the distraction with most headphones. No one wants to train while the gym smells like a backed up toilet, but, when you’re the climaxer, you have no where to hide. Everyone can tell you’re the one moaning like a little bitch. At least when you are a walking gas chamber, you can hide behind the uncertainty of who the fart actually came from, that’s if you’re operating on silent. All though I don’t condone either, I would argue that some farts are accidental, while you can control the moaning.”

Thanks to Jon Froio for coming on to help us with Buling Szn. You can’t check him out on Instagram at jfroio3 or on twitter @Jon_Froio.


Riley “The Warlock of Weight Lifting” O’malley, seen here with a very good boy.
Our second guest on Bulking Szn 2 has been called “The Warlock of Weight Lifting”, and it’s not just because he has a great beard, but because he works magic in the gym. When I interviewed him he told me, “I would like to be the worlds strongest man one day”, so when I say he means business, I ain’t lying. He is a jack of all trades, a true renaissance man, a staple of his community, a man with few equals, Riley O’malley.

Me- “Riley I wanted to say thank you for joining me. Obviously I had you cook up something special for Bulking Szn 2, but I would like to shoot off one question that I in one way or another have been asking everyone. With all the holidays and time off falling in Bulking Szn, there is so much extra drinking going on. Eating too, yea, but that can go hand and hand with bulking. What I need to know is, how do you crack cold ones with the boys, but still make it to the gym in the morning?”

Riley- “The answer is moderation, time and water. You want to drink enough to get a buzz, but not enough to get ‘Flaherty Fucked’. Get in bed by a reasonable time so you can sleep out most the booze (1 hour per 1 standard drink). The most important thing that people pass up on is drinking water in-between drinks. And slamming a liter when you get home at night will cancel out any possibility for a hang over. That way you might have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, but in the morning you’ll be ready to hit the gym.”

I don’t want any one to think I passed on asking Riley questions, but in fact I asked him to go a step further. Riley was gracious enough to share his personal work out playlist, that’s right we have two exclusive playlist from the Warlock himself. These are 100% guaranteed to bulk you up. For more from Riley O’malley you can check him out on Instagram at riley_omalley94 or on Twitter @ramblinriley69.




Now what are you waiting for? I gave you what you need to bulk up. Tell you what if any one uses the IGWYN guide to Buling Szn successfully, which would be super easy, I might have something for you. But you have to share/retweet/subscribe/comment/hate email/tell your neighbor.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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