Morning After Spiel: Manchester Orchestra and Tigers Jaw At The Norva

This is a huge weekend for IGOTWHATYOUNEED, we are aiming for three shows in four days. Let me tell you, it’s a cross we don’t mind baring. 

The first show of our week started off with all the possible minor inconveniences. But we powered through the accidental hard cider orders and spilled beers. Before we hop into Manchester Orchestra and Tigers Jaw, I gotta pay respect to Foxing. I only caught their last two songs, but they had the crowd going nuts. There was a lot going on the stage while they were playing, trumpets, dancing. It was enough to make me wish I didn’t stop for a beer before hand. 

I’m not going to front like I’m cool enough to be a long time Tigers Jaw fan. I’m new to the game so I came in with only a few days of Spotify plays and a slight understanding that they broke away at the end of the pop punk wave and successfully intergrated into the indie rock scene. Honestly I really enjoyed them. I’m a big fan of the dual vocalist in Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh. Honestly I’m all around a big fan of them. Bri was rocking a Dirty Dancing shirt while laying it down on the keyboard, so dope. Dan Walsh? He’s basically the Michael Phelps of indie rock, but instead of ripping bongs he drains beers. But in all reality the drummer, my guy in the Jawbreaker shirt, tore the roof off the fucking building. For a band who recently went through some internal struggles, Tigers Jaw brought the heat and put on a SOLID show. 

I’ve been rocking with Manchester Orchestra for a while now, but when the stage lights dropped, everyone else in the crowd made me look like a noob. I’ve never seen a crowd filled with hipsters more enthusiastic than when those first cords were struck. I feel like when established bands tour off a new record or EP, they get caught up on the balance of their set. Manchester Orchestra disproved my stereotype though. Not only did they bring a good mix of showcasing the new album and playing their hits, but they really took their songs to the next level. Andy Hull’s song writing gives them spots to melt brains and get the crowd moving, but then cut to silence so he can lay down his vicious vocals. Overall I was impressed, as a fan who’s been waiting to see them for a while, Manchester Orchestra lived up to my unfair expectations. 

I Got You, 

Sean Thompson

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