Curse of the Based God Lil B: 🚨🚨NEW VICTIM ALERT🚨🚨

You can search every Halloween store across the country, but you won’t find anything scarier than being cursed by rapper Lil B. 

For those of you who are not familiar with “The Curse of The Based God”, it is the most feared and potent superstition in modern culture. The curse is responsible for the 2016 implosion of the OKC Thunder after being placed on Kevin Durant, and the curse has also been accredited to James Harden and The rockets constantly flopping in the post season. 

The most recent curse though has been put on Kenyon Martin, retired NBA star and former first overall pick in 2000 for the NJ Nets. The Based God has laid down his Old Testament level curse on Kenyon for some out landish statements he made earlier this week. Basically Kenyon called out Jeremy Lin, on the now Brooklyn Nets, for being Asian and having dreads. 

I say uphold that curse dear Based God. Kenyon coming out of no where and trying to say Lin is appropriating culture or what ever is ubsurd. That was a totally unwarranted slam, especially because Kenyon has CHINESE CHARACTERS tattooed on him. Unreal dude. On top of that, Lin is a decent dude. Lin could of popped off on twitter and roasted Kenyon, but instead he stayed classy and said basically that we should all embrace each other’s cultures. 

So big ups to Lin for taking the high road. And as far as Lil B goes, keep enforcing the law out here my guy, you’re doing (Based) God’s work. 

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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