Morning After Spiel: Kid Cudi At The Echostage, D.C.

Let’s keep the tradition of me complaining at the beginning of the review going. I hate seeing shows at like club clubs. Everything is jacked up price wise, and security acts like a Seal Team hunting Bin Laden. A mixed drink should never cost $15 and kids should never get thrown out for ripping ganj.

Living in a small market, I occasionally have to make the drive to D.C. or Richmond for shows. Making the four hour drive was nothing compared to the die hard fans who waited eight hours to be front row. Really the whole crowd was camped out hours before the show. And let me tell you, just as you would expect, the Kid Cudi crowd was real LOUD in line (if you know what I mean).

img_1568-1Now just so it doesn’t seem like I’m a jock rider, I have a bone to pick with Cudi. I don’t understand not having an opener. There is no up and coming MC you wannna give exposure to? Not even a DJ you could let hype the crowd up with a 30 min set? I don’t get the move, but hey I’m no critic I’m just saying you’re taking away half the fun of a tour.

But even though he was solo dolo (except for King Chip popping in for a minute), Cudi absolutely delivered. Played a perfect mix of new stuff and solid gold oldies. The crowd seemed to go wilder and wilder each and every song. If he would have played a System of the Down song everyone there would of suffered broken bones, that’s how wild and packed that crowd was. And I say this with no prejudices, because it is very apparent to me now that I’m not even in the top 80 percent of the fan base, Kid Cudi has one of the best on stage presences I’ve ever seen. It felt like he paid to see us, not that we paid to see him. Totally just a dude living life, in front of a super hyped crowd, with tons of marijuana in the air (allegedly), and good buddies and pretty girls. Overal 9.7/12.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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