The BET Freestyle

I wanted to leave this one alone. 1 because IGWYN is not about politics in a serious way, and 2 because I think this falls out of my jurisdiction of commentating. But I feel like no one has really said what’s up about this fiasco.

I have two issues with this hole thing. First and foremost don’t listen to any of these “I grew up on hip-hop but this is too far!” nonsense. In case you missed Silent Protest, Hip-hop has helped lead the fight for social change and political protest. From Public Enemy yelling fight the power, to everyone’s favorite, Kanye West saying Bush doesn’t care about black people. And that’s without diving into Immortal Technique, Brother AliĀ or Jedi Mind Tricks. Hip-hop has always had it’s fist raised in the face of the oppressor. Now if you wanna talk about the hypocrisy of degrading woman and LBGTQs, selling drugs and promoting violence, I can entertain that. But don not try and twist a culture to fit your agenda and say that what Eminem did wasn’t hip-hop but rather just empty disrespect. I believe all music is for everyone, and I don’t hate on people for their life views, but I hate when people try and corrupt something to fit their agenda. Art is suppose to change the way you think and have you constantly reevaluate, well everything. Whether if it’s a painting that changes how you feel about love, or a free style rap that changes how you view the president, art evolves your thinking.

My second beef is with BET. If you grew up on Howard Stern or Family Guy, you know the freedom hating vultures that the FCC are. I understand that explicit content brings fines, but censoring Eminem is a slap in the face to the first amendment. This could have been a history book moment. Honestly Eminem might be the most widely respected person on the earth right now. When he speaks, people listen. Having the chance to broadcast his message is an awesome opportunity, but when it’s about (partly) freedom of expression, and you censor him, what was the point in the first place?

All in all the people who are trying to distort the video and say it’s against the troops and the flag are dorks. The people at BET who were scared to lose some of their “Real HouseWives of Crunk Music” money from FCC fines are dorks. If you have something to say, say it loud and say it proud.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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