Chicago Fights: Match Ups to Calm Down Violence

Chicago is known for violence and pizza right. They say “come for the food, stay because you got murdered”. Well I think there is a way to get the violence down to at least fist fights. Let’s be honest, it is hard living in the city. The buses smell like piss, every thing is pricier, traffic always, and worse of all tourist. With that being said, people are gonna be angry, but instead of shooting the first person to cut you off while you’re driving to buy a sixer of Old Style, I think we can scale it down to fist fights. I’m talking gladiator style, and not the sexy Spartacus style, I’m talking Russel Crowe revenge style.

I’m not promoting violence. All I’m saying is we could settle the plethora of problems that Chicago has stockpiled in the octagon. If you’re asking yourself, would it be a Dark Knight style battle, no it won’t, it will be representative 1vs1 street fight. So with out any more blabbering here are some fights that I think are essential to calming the hysteria in the city.

First and foremost is the battle of the old Vs. young. I think Da Coach honestly represents more than just the older half of the city, but he is the poster child for all Non-Millennials. Chance, on the other hand, for sure represents the Millennials down. It is a coming of age thing, is the torch ready to be passed? Da Coach might be old, but I think he might still have some of that legendary grit. I don’t want to associate Chance with toughness, but I never like to count any one out, especially when they are at their peak. Either way this one could end some of the poorly aged animosity and angst.

Okay so I know some of you are like “isn’t this politics?”, No it’s not shut up. It is pretty much unanimous that everyone is at least pissed at the Mayor. But also, people are pissed at the people who voted for him. Now we at IGWYN are like Diddy, not in the fact that we completely fucked over MGK, but in that we are pro vote. But this guy is a jerk, but so is who ever gave him a job, so whatever double KO would be cool.



Oh wait my bad that already happened….


I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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