Leave The Kids, And The Candy, Out of It! 

Look I don’t like to argue on the internet. Expressing ideas and opinions about subjects I’m passionate about and making jokes are why I’m here. But sometimes I just have to prove people stupid. 

In case you have been lucky enough to not hear of this years big “fiasco” for Halloween, it’s wether or not kids can dress as Moana, the newest Disney princess. 

Now I haven’t seen Moana but I can put together it’s like a Tropical Frozen. Little singing, bad ass female protagonist, cool great I dig it. Some people want to exclude certain little girls from dressing up as there Disney hero for Halloween though. And look, I would never try to silence an opinion, but if you’re gonna say something just go ahead and say it, it’s saying white girls are not allowed to dress up as an Islander. 

Now to all these jerks regulating little girls, I would ask this, have you asked anyone from the Pacific Islands about it? Well I have, a couple people actually. You know what they said? It’s fucking stupid and people are too sensitive. Worrying too much about other people’s daughters is the quickest way to end up with a blue dot on your house. 

So let’s all stop forcing our agendas on everyone and just enjoy one of the few things we can all agree on as fun! 

Ps don’t wear black face that is still whack either way. 

I Got You, 

Sean Thompson


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