Halfway Happy: Stranger Things 2 Recap

So look, I love some good ol’ counter culture, but when it comes to everyone’s favorite Netflix series I’m all in. So conform with the masses and indulge in a marathon, if you haven’t already. I’ll wait. 

Okay I’m not going to do a play by play, but there’s a few things I wanna talk about. 

First and foremost, what led all the farmers to distrust each other so much? You would think people in a small town doing the same profession would at least be able to get along. But no, they all immediately blame each other for rotting pumpkins. In fact, no one in the town really trust each other. Especially the main cast! They all lie, they all have secrets. It’s a little disappointing. 

Ok second, and maybe most important, let’s talk about Billy “Bad Ass”. The rollercoaster of emotions Billy put me on was insane. First I thought he was gonna be the typical 80s douche that we love to hate. Then I thought he was actually the loveable jerk who would end up saving the day. Then I realized he was a racist scum bag. Then we met his abusive father, and I gained some sympathy. But finally he crossed the line when he attacked Steve. Unforgivable sin. Billy is dead to me, mullet and all.  

Let’s get a little creepy here and talk about how the conspiracy theory guy got two teenagers drunk, and convinced them to have sex. Y’all thought that was cute didn’t you? Well you sicken me (just kidding Jonathan and Nance ship all the way). 

Now with that being said, Steve is a top notch guy. He was a little bit of a jerk in season one, but man he developed into a great character, with lethal hair. Dude stuck around through thick and thin. When this is all said and done there will be only one guy we hold higher than Steve. 

Now I know you think I’m talking about Chief Hopper, but I’m not. Chief is the man, a hero, the kind of police we need in this country. I am, in fact, talking about Bob though. Super Bob is the messiah of Hawkins. If you don’t love Bob you dont even deserve a Netflix account. Sean Astin you did it again, congrats. 

So in Memory of Bob “The Brain” Newby, I will rewatch Stranger Things every year and pout a Dr. Pepper out in his name. 

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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