The Cucking That Saved Mainstream Music. 

Now look I’m not super into that “TMZ” garbag. As far as celebrities go, I would rather spend the day auditioning for a Weinstein movie as the part of an alter boy for a priest played by Kevin Spacey than hear about the Kardashians favorite smoothie joint. But some recent celebrity gossip has me from six to midnight. 

I wanna make a few things clear real quick. First I respect JB’s success. 100% dude came up from YouTube, then yomovies albums all that stuff. With that being said, the guy is only a novelty in pop culture. Selena Gomez is cool though. On the rare occasions I got to watch TV on deployment they always seemed to be playing her music videos, and I had 0 complaints. Plus, Wizards was a dope show growing up. 

Although it’s been a while, once again JB has shown his true colors, like the time he spit on all those fans (to name one example), and totally cucked The Weekend. I don’t know the details here, I don’t care about the details here. Exs get back together all the time. Everyone is focused on the “who, when, where, what and hows” while totally missing the main issue. We got The Weekend back!

Now maybe I didn’t give it all the attention it needed, but Starboy just didn’t hit like the other stuff. The way I look at it, The Weekend was on top of the world, so he lost his edge. It is the successful Blues singer paradox. You pour yourself into your art, then gain success while being accepted and praised, to then losing your edge and popularity because you are now accepted and popular. In my head I’m thinking “I need The Weekend to dip his toes in a dark place, really embrace the pain, so he can Phoenix out of it with what will be one of the best albums in 2018”. If dude really is gonna come out as our generations Michael Jackson, he NEEDS a Pepsi burn incident, and this could very well be it. 

So thank you JB for being the little cuck that you are, cheap tattoos and all. Because of JB we are going to get a Weekend album that makes Beauty Behind the Madness look like a Harry Styles EP.  And if for some reason I’m wrong, I’ll buy every new JB album till I die. 

I Got You, 

Sean Thompson

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