Twitter Is DEAD! 280 Characters and The Next Hot Social Media.

I loved Twitter. The weirdness, the trolls, celebrities responding to fake accounts and of course the Hundreds of thousands of people fighting on Trump tweet threads.

But that is all gone now. With the doubling of max characters per tweet, twitter’s charm is gone. That never ending battle of forcing a thought into just 140 characters really made you use your brain is no more and I’m going to miss it. With the increase, the gusto of the little bluebird is gone.

Now that twitter is self destructing the same way Facebook did, we are left with the question of “what’s next?” Well most people would say the smart money is on a full Snapchat take over. Well most people are wrong. Snapchat is making a key error that is going to make it burry itself. That mistake is bringing back showing people’s “best friends”, essentially dry snitching on who everyone is snap chatting.

This leaves us with only one more option, Venmo. Now I know what you’re saying, “oh that’s an app to pay people not social media posting!” Well you’re missing the glory here, you have to pay to tweet! That means no more 280 character rants. Now you’re limited by your funds it’s wild! The pressure for great Venmo tweets is through the roof. Pay to play, and who knows if your venoms are good enough you might make some bread!

So set up you’re account and set some money aside for the new craze. And remember you heard it here first.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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