What To Do When Your Hero Dies.

Everyday, more and more celebrities are getting ousted as perverts, molesters, predators and rapists. It is disgusting, disheartening and there really isn’t an end in sight. More people are going to come forward, and more people are going to be exposed.

Now I am not victim shaming, but I am hurt but a few of these cases. Most specifically Louis C.K., the comedy legend.

I’m a realistic guy. I knew Louis wasn’t exactly a great guy. The fact that his humor was filled pessimistic apathy to life made him appeal to so many people. He was an agreeable guy who was never afraid to say what we all thought.

But no matter the amount of incredible self-loathing material you put out, some stuff just can’t be overlooked. And Louis crossed the line. And although it’s not as bad as what others have done, and he manned up and owned what he did, people now a days won’t give their money to people like that.

So now a lot of fans and young comedians are at a cross roads; they used to look up and aspire to be like Louis, but that’s all been 180’ed. What do you do when your hero dies?

The way I see it is, you have to cut the memory. When some one has inspired you, you don’t want to lose what they’ve left you with (artistically, spiritually, or sometimes financially), but you also can’t keep them on a pedestal. For example, I used to LOVE Papa John. Not so much his pizza, but him as a dude. He did his own commercials, went to a ton of football games, got hammered with fans at super bowls and, I can only assume, played a ton of catch with Payton Manning. Ideal life right? Easy thing to think “man that’d be a dope life” about. But then he had to open his mouth and say some wild stuff about protest in the NFL ruining his business. And no matter what side of the debate you’re on for that argument, it is gross to see a grown man blame other people for his failures. So what now, just because Popa John is exposed as a jerk I’m not allowed to want to get drunk and go to the super bowl with NFL legends? Of course not. Just because Papa isn’t who I thought he was doesn’t mean I can’t still want to peg empty bud lights off Manning’s giant forehead all day.

It might be a stretch, but I think the Papa John analogy can reach over to people who have done things that are more malicious. I’ll still laugh at the old stuff, if it even ever gets played again, but that’s just it, it will be “Old C.K.”. And this “new C.K.” honestly doesn’t have a place in my home.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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