2018 A New New Hope: How To Keep It Moving In A New Year.

To some people it’s just a change in calendar, but to me it’s a great opportunity to make yourself a better person. Yea it’s kind of corny, but if you’re in a spot to wipe the slate clean and start fresh why not jump on it?

Now I didn’t start this site to trash on people or be a hypocrite, so I can honestly tell you I feel successful about my resolution last year. 2017 was focused on “Stop lying to people”. Mostly my goal was to follow through with my plans with friends and stop lying to women. I know I followed through with my plans because I’m more broke than usual from going out, and I know I don’t lie to my romantic interests almost at all because I have had half the dates in ’17 then I did in ’16 (feel free to laugh at my life).

Now my goals for ’18 are a little less personal, so I’m going to share and hopefully some of you can relate.


If you could see my saved videos list on Facebook, it is littered with cool recipes from Tasty. But I’ve been hesitant in going for it. Mostly out of laziness, no more though. 2018 I’m going full Action (Bronson).


Now if you’re a man, married to a man, dating a man or even ever met a man, you know out egos can be fragile. Rejection hurts, and it can crush confidence. But in ’17 I shot some threes from down town. What I mean from that is I approached some young ladies who I had no business talking to. The thing is, as long as you know boundaries, the worst thing you can get is a no. So I mean I would tell everyone in ’18, just go for it. Take the no and roll your shoulders, keep them chipless, and maybe you can get a few yes’.


Now I’m we’ve talked about fitness a few times on here, but I want to address this since the foundation in resolutions is to start going to the gym. It’s easy to get intimidated by the gym rats throwing around absurd amounts of weight, and when they see new faces in January they probably will gawk at you. Don’t let that derail you. Work hard and have good edict. By April you’ll be respected and it’ll feel so good.

2018 is the year we treat each other better. Not only with kindness, but forcing everyone to be their best self. Thanks to everyone from the more than two dozen different countries that’s been supporting us. 2018 is going to be filled with all sorts of original content, and still no adds.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson


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