Trump Is About To End The World; And It Wasn’t The Simpsons Who Predicted It.

If you haven’t entered the weird world of Twitter, let me catch you up to speed.

Twitter fingers used to be our worst fear from The President, now I guess its button pressing fingers?

Basically the world is over. I know I prematurely called it with the whole “aliens aka SpaceX” thing, but I’m sure of it now. But before you make some last day rash decisions, take some time to see the video that predicted it all, over a decade ago.

If you grew up in the frozen tundra of the Midwest, or just always hated people, you probably spent a lot of time watching dumb videos as a kid (and now that the world is about to end I’m sure you are regretting it). End of Ze World was a staple in the universe of poorly made, yet hilarious, videos of our childhood. Who would of thought they were actually pulling a Simpsons on us and predicting the future?

Any way thanks for reading, it does my heart good knowing this may have been the last thing you read online.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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