Weak Apologies Behind Weak Content.

So we have all heard about Vine Star, yea a guy famous from an app that is no longer around, Logan Paul putting a dead body on his video for 15 million tween girls to see and then joking about it. Hopefully you didn’t actually see that nonsense, and really I hope you didn’t subject yourself to the half cocked apology.

Where do we start with this trash heap? How about the fact that his lack of creativity led him to just do a Youtube version of The Forest (2016). Instead of writing some real material, dude just did a low budget goofball version. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the supernatural lore and horror that The Forest brought the table, but to go to Japan’s “Suicide Forest” as a joke is insane. Not only because you’re probably going to be cursed after it, but what kind of content did you think you were gonna get? You went in looking for a dead body. No debating that. And if dude would have received positive feedback instead of backlash, we would be a couple months away from a part 2.

What kills me though, is the over dramatic crocodile tear apology. Let’s be fair and say dude just messed up. He had a dumb idea and his people gassed him up about it. I’ll even say he actually felt bad afterwords. But to put up another “crying” celebrity apology video is just gross. I’m sick of people thinking they can run to social media with a red face and expect everything to go back to normal.I just got over Josh Homme’s (Queen of the Stone Age) bull shit apology for kicking a camera man. Here is some free PR, give a fat chunk of that social media money to a legitimate suicide prevention agency, do a best of video to remind people why they like you and hope people just forget. I mean people forgot about that wild shit that Mel Gibson said, he just had a top grossing film in 2017, so I mean it’s your best hope.

Or, do us all a favor and retire.

If you agreed with this, check out the Longbeach Griffy video, says what I said but 100x funnier.

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