Age is defined thru distance and demise. The rise of resistance is ridiculed over a span of time known as life; On one end, the proof is laid out like paper over plastic. Simple. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, the fate of fury is determined by decision. Decisions dictate the rise & fall of doubt. Time and time again, a thought will tussel his way to the front of the hush line. No cuts allowed, so he must take advantage of the situation while his opportunity is looming. The gist conveys a hint but the whole play needs one more day to decide thy fate. The timid thought throws his hands up to my face than stares down my soul. His vibe is deceiving, yet his presence is progressive.

A calm silence echoes in the room as one waits for a witty response. Although there seems to be complete silence in the room, the tension alone has translated conscious conversation into mental verbatim ever since the two of us locked eyes. Neither scared nor afraid; I sit there and wait. Although the setting seems secure, this simple sought out method won’t endure much longer. The space of central word reads unsure through his fatal formality. Forced to dig deeper, I feel fatigue increase scarcely.

Shaking my fists, a new thought enlists swinging through the jungle of abyss. I accept the constant pressure pressed against my neck. The subtle silence slowly begins to shape a slick silhouette disguised as a shadow of stress. Darkness


I’m locked n loaded prepared to swing… Ready to die if that’s what he plans to bring. As the voices breathe louder, I realize these choices bring me nothing but power. All or nothing for suffering? Bless me lord father. Not here to plead, let me bleed for your honor. After about an hour, I witness a stiff blinding light begin to lift leisure on sight…

Until suddenly, a random noise from a distance awakens my senses. After a long sinister confrontation, I blink my eyes & the presence disappears. Lost. All alone once again. Staring at nothing but a cruel reflection of reality.

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