Before Your Mom Post It on Facebook Pt. 1

If you’re as deep into twitter as I am, you were laughing at Tide Pod jokes in December. If not, don’t worry, we’re gonna keep you ahead of the curb.

The first Meme on our radar comes from the self loathing, too cool for it own good, podcast Failing Upwards.

Now I don’t fact check, but I’m 99% sure these guys got it going. If I’m wrong just blame them. Anyway, this is a great discussion piece. It’s real simple, read each persons description and choose who you would take to be in your office. Honestly, some clean family fun. I won’t take all the fun out of this perfect waste of time, but i’ll give you our best and worst.


Caleb. Caleb is the worst pick. If you know any one who does cross fit, you know they suck. I love physical fitness, but I hate hearing about it. My friend Benny does cross fit and he sucks. He used to have dreams and ambitions, now he just does jerks and snatches. And those guys are all a dime a dozen. If you think Hannah would annoy you with wedding talk, just wait until you hear Caleb talk about different kettle bell brands.


Rick. Now I know most of you want the adorable old man, but Rick is the move here. Rick is the kind of guy that scares people. You think the boss is ever gonna drop in while Rick is around. Fuck no. Plus, if you get in good with Rick he might teach you how to pick up Gothicc women. Double plus.

Those are just my awful opinions. Let us know what you think. And be on the look out for more memes out of the corners of twitter, unless you want to be the guy who learns about dabbing from his mom…

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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