NCAA Basketball: The FBI’s Participation Trophy.

Now I don’t want to get too far into the atrocities of the NCAA and the way the treat players. But incase you didn’t already know, a select few guys (and probably gals too) are getting bought out of high school to go and play at certain schools. And while shady activities may (but really not) affect the integrity of collegiate sports, I see about zero reasons for the FBI to get involved.

We live in a country that’s been cucked by Russia, gone into multiple meaningless foreign wars and been plagued by domestic terror attacks (to include school shootings). Some how some way, the FBI thought their time was better spent investigating sports. The same government that attacks athletes who protest or speak out on subjects that they believe to be counterproductive saying that they need to stick to sports, is focusing its time money and resources on sports? That’s just wild.

Now I’m trying not to be bitter like a city winter, so let me put a positive spin on this. Maybe now, that we know kids are getting paid, there will be a real push to spread the wealth fairly. I’m not saying big contracts or even pay across the board, I’m just saying there needs to be something for these athletes. Otherwise in a few years from now everyone is just gonna be playing over seas out of high school, and we’re gonna loose college ball all together.

I Got You,

Sean Thompson

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