Rating The Stuff My Ex Took When She Moved Out.

First I want to state this is not a bitter/hate piece. Now it’s been about a week, and I had time to enjoy living alone again, but there is some stuff I’m missing. So here’s my break down of all the stuff I’m missing, in no order, on a classic 1-10 scale.

The Bed. 5/10

Now it was her bed so I had no say in this one. It was a good bed. Soft yet firm. Very hard to find. Now I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping on a ship, so honestly I don’t even like sleeping on real bed that much. So really, not much of a loss.

Pots and Pans. 8/10

If I didn’t have a few of my own, this would have been a perfect 10. Thankfully, I have enough of my own to cook, but the convenience of being able to cook four things at once will be missed. (Obviously I know I can just go by more)

Laundry Detergent. 1/10

I’m a liquid detergent guy, so I have no objection to losing the powder stuff. Only not a 0 because it’s always good to have back up gear. (Remember to use cold water when you wash to preserve you colors and darks)

Lube. 10/10

If it wasn’t bad enough not being able to do the deed every night, she took the lube. I bought that shit too. (might be a little bitter about this one).

Bonus; stuff I wish she would have taken.

1. All these damn candles.

2. All the junk food and soda in the fridge. Not to brag, but I don’t eat that junk.

3. The garbage in the garbage can that she took.

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