Martin Shkreli, the Least HipHop Dude In The World.

Okay first thing first, hip hop has been historically unfair to the homosexual community. Lyrics have been riddled with derogatory insults and egregious references. That being said, no rapper has ever gone out of their way to fuck over people with AIDS (I know not every person with aids is homosexual, but we needed to address that).

Martin was a rich dude that wanted to be known for being so HipHop, with his awesome vintage vinyls. But we all know him as that dude who decided to raise the cost of AIDS medicine. Basically, for his own financial gain. Now the pharmaceutical companies have been plaguing this country for decades, but this dude is the face of that demon.

Now HipHop has always been for the disfranchised. So to take a group of people that get treated like lepers, and fuck them over even harder is just gross. So fuck this guy, break his rare record collection in front of his face. Make him fight in a Mortal Combat style tournament against all of the Wu-Tang Clan, and have Jon Jones stand in for The ODB.

Dudes a fraud. Dudes a poser. Have fun in prison.

Photo cred: HipHopDX

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