I have Decided to Re-Enlist.

That’s right I’m going to do it. Except there’s a catch, it’s not with the Navy.

That’s right I’m going to be a part of the first wave of soldiers fighting in the final frontier, space. Our President has already decided we are going to be the first country to arm the cold vacuum we call space.

I’ve had a good time in the Navy, but I’m trading my Dixie cup and swab for a space helmet and laser rifle.

Now if you’re wondering what my rate/MOS/job will be, well most likely Space Sniper. No wind, no drag, perfect shot every time. I’ll be the astronaut version of the late great Chris Kyle.

Will there be some draw backs? Yea sure. But the advantages out weigh them by a million.

No more two mile walk down the pier.

No more dealing with shipyard workers.

No more XO happy hour.

I mean it’s straight to the top. I might even make Space Chief. And at this point, being stationed in space is a better option than Norfolk.

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