The Movie That Will Dethrone Marvel.

It is no shock that Marvel has been running a monopoly on big budget block busters. They’ve been dropping more hits than Eminem in the 2000s, and with a flop of a Justice League, it looks like no one can stop them.

That’s where you’re wrong. There is one hope, one movie that could be so epic that it would make the Sister Jean hype feel like a trip to the dentist.

It all starts with The Rock. The Rock has been exponentially improving the quality of his movies. And all though these past two years he’s been cashing out a little bit, I know he has an Oscar Award winning performance in him. He may be the most loved man in America, and no ones routed against him since he used to fight Steve Austin. That being said, he is our obvious protagonist for this mega movie.

Now get your mind out of the gutter. This isn’t a plea to get The Rock as 007, or a role as a Navy SEAL. This role needs to be of a man who saves the ENTIRE world from a real evil, and thus, uniting it. A cross over between a feel good movie (like the only movie that keeps me from hating Jaden Smith) and a thrilling action flick (like that movie makes me hate Jaden Smith). That alone isn’t enough though. He needs an antagonist of equal strength. Some one so vicious, filled with so much malice, that you in your heart of hearts hate him, yet some how love him. Kind of a pairing like Naruto and Saskue (from the Japanese sensation Naruto).

So we got the loose plot. Bad guy is about to literally destroy everything and everyone. Then the Rock has to end this terror and defeat the bad guy (who he loves like a brother). Only question, who plays the bad guy?

John Cena GIF

Enter, John Fucking Cena. Cena is the only other WWE star to successfully follow in The Rock’s footsteps. He also has been bumping out quality summer flicks. Honestly I have him a hair above The Rock because he, somehow, made an Amy Schumer movie funny. With Cena as the bad guy, it adds real life drama (them having the same roots and presumably being buddies). And its believable that if it came to hand to hand combat, it would be a decent fight (unlike when The Rock fought “fat” Vin Diesel in one of the 20 different Fast and Furious movies).

You’re dumb if you think this movie wouldn’t gross $10billion in a summer. So I mean, I know the idiots in Hollywood would never condone this level of violence, or even realize the possibilities, but a girl can dream right?

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