Bonzo Goes To Bitburg is the greatest song ever written.

The Ramones were ground breakers, trend setters and pioneers of America Punk Rock. Kings of CBGB and front runners for best uniforms in rock and roll history.

If you look at their catalog, though, you see some major faults. Every song is “Rock and Roll (fill in the blank)”.

Can you really be the GOAT of American Punk Rock with such “weak” song writing?

Yes the fuck you can. But only if you bring a song with the caliber of Bonzo Goes To Bitburg.

It’s not easy to completely discredit the president, but the Ramones did it in the most ballsy way ever. Instead of sticking to the norm and attacking politics as a whole, the Ramones put the fucking lead to Reagan for visiting a Nazi SS cemetery.

Real bold move for some New York kids in leather jackets.

If you ask me, this solidified the Ramones as the American punk band (that’s coming from a misfits guy). Taking a shot at the most evil president in history with your best written song, fuck yea.

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